Who are we?

We are a voluntary association and have existed since 2002. Some people might know us under the name “ Children in violent families”, but in 2015 we opted to change name to “ Break The Silence”. The name change is also a call to put words to the violence and thus take the first step to seek help and break out of the violence.
We stand for strong professionalism and warmth and our objectives are:
“ Actively helping children and young people who are victims of physical or psychological violence from family or from a relationship , to recognize and acknowledge their situation, seek help and act upon it. We strive to offer this help through targeted prevention and professionally sound advice via all relevant channels “

Preventative and consultative work are inseparable for us. We must anticipate the violence and be ready for it where we can.
Where violence has already taken place we must be sure to offer help and guidance. We have therefore structured our efforts in preventive and consultative work.


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  • Seminars at universities
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Consultative work:

Seminars at schools

Our theme days are aimed at young people between 13 and 19 years of age from primary and secondary schools. We address topics such as family violence and violence between lovers. Our goal is to get participants to open their eyes and face the problems.To be aware and attentive toward their peers and to break the silence, if they are exposed to violence. The day consists of presentations from our organization, a visit from the Police who among other things explain that it is an offence to turn to violence in Denmark. A young man or woman who have been victims of violence, talks about their experiences. The day is supplemented with a short film and live- music. Sometimes even a small play about violence will be performed. Before the actual seminar, we send the school an “ information wall” which should capture students’ attention and form the basis of future teaching on the topic. The project lasts 1 ½ hours and is free of charge, to those schools who can gather at least 75 students. On average there are 130 students present per seminar.

Seminars places at  higher educations

These initiatives are aimed at students attending professional colleges and universities. The aim is to equip future educators, teachers, nurses, and social consultants to identify, advise and help children and young people who are exposed to violence in the home or between lovers.

The seminar consists of a lecture, where both family and couples violence are illustrated from academic perspectives. A young man or woman tells about what growing up with violence in the family was like. Then there are presentations by a teacher, a social worker, a representative from the police or a male counselor who has treated over 500 violent men. They all work daily with issues related to family and couples violence.

Seminars are bound together by performance or act or a film and lasts about 3 hours. The schools are only responsible for transport expenses. There are an average of 150 students at every seminar.

Social Media

A lot of children and young people share knowledge and opinions through social media. We are therefore strongly present especially on Facebook and Instagram with feeding updates and information. We would like to create dialogues about violence in the family and among lovers and to get the users involved. On Facebook we are called “Bryd Tavsheden” and on Instagram @bryd_tavsheden. Our addresses are precise and send a clear message and are likely to get more “likes” and “ followers” which then again means broader viral spread.

Our advisory services

On the association’s website children and youngsters may write to our mailbox “ Brevkassen” anonymously.

Skilled and experienced professionals answer letters within 24 hours all year around. When the young people write to us, it is often the first time they break the silence and therefore need help and care.

Both letter and the advisers reply answer are often posted on our website , so that others youngsters can read them and associate. It can give them an understanding of what they themselves experience and inspire them to perhaps help others.


Our Chat counselling is counselling, where children and young people have an on-line “conversation” with our skilled volunteer professionals. Our Chat counseling is open every day Monday through Thursday from 16.00-19.00

Children who write us often have many questions: Is it violence I am experiencing?  Is what I think and feel okay? And they all need help and support to do something about their situation.


“ Basen” is the name of our house in Copenhagen. Here Children can walk in directly from the street and without an appointment.

They receive anonymous advice and support from a social advisor or from a skilled professional. When they walk thorugh our door they are welcomed with open arms and hot chocolate. We would like them to feel secure and relaxed in a home like environment. We know it takes great courage to knock on the door. Basen is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 19.00


It is always possible to also call us during the days: Monday, Thursday, Wednesday and Thursday from 16.00-19.00 The number is: 20 67 05 06. This way we ensure that all children I Denmark have a chance to talk with us.


As part of our consultative work and as mentioned before, we give seminars at schools around the country. As a pilot project a professional counselor now joins the seminars at schools. So we can offer qualified anonymous counseling. It is our opinion that many students want to talk during the breaks or after the seminar has ended. Our counsellor is present in an empty classroom 1-2 hours after school has ended.

Our Website 

Whether you need more knowledge, would like to help others or even need help yourself, it is easy to navigate through our website. Consulting offers are a central part of the start page, and it only requires a few clicks to find the right help and advice you need.

Support us

You can sign up and become a member of our association “ Bryd Tavsheden” by paying 325 Kr, for a year- long membership. And 500 kr, for a life-long membership. All other contributions will be gratefully accepted aswell.

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Please remember to mention your name and address

Our association organizes an annual event for members and other interested parties. As a member you will receive our newsletter and invitations to various events.


If you would like to contribute as a volunteer for practical or professional work, call us or send us an email at